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"For years, Manfred Eicher's music choices have been building the path which Nostalgia follows. This year they have led us to Argentina. On the first evening, we will listen to the piercing sounds of Dino Saluzzi’s bandoneon alongside the cello of Anja Lechner, who is already known to Nostalgia’s audience, and Felix Saluzzi’s saxophone and clarinet." - Michał Merczyński, Festival Director

We invite you to the first day of Nostalgia Festival Poznań which will be marked by the presence of ECM Records. Also today, we will begin the review of films by Andrei Tarkovsky who the entire Festival is dedicated to this year. Below please find the detailed programme:

5:00 pm - FILM: Sounds and Silence (2009) dir. PETER GUYER / NORBERT WIEDMER

6:30 pm - MEETING: Conversations over Instruments and Images - a meetitng with MANFRED EICHER


8:00 pm - FILM: Directed by Andriej Tarkovsky (1988) dir. MICHAŁ LESZCZYŁOWSKI

9:45 pm - FILM: The Sacrifice (1983) dir. ANDREI TARKOVSKY

The meeting and film shows will be held at the Jesuit Gallery (8 Dominikańska Street) and the concert will take place at the Jesuit Church (18 Szewska Street).

Attendance to all events is free.